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Importance of Accounting for a Business

Most of the Business Consultants, Management Consultants or even Business Owners consider Production, Marketing, Servicing and Finance as core areas of business.

Understanding Key Financial Ratios

You need to know a lot in terms of financial statement when it comes to small business accounting in order to

7 Tactics to Make Your Business Immune to a Pandemic

Many businesses across the world have taken some tangible steps inspired by the recent shift in customer behavior due to

6 places where you can save money in your business

Around half of the businesses fail or shut before their fifth birthday. Why do small businesses fail? What is one

5 Entrepreneurs who were broke when they started

Entrepreneurs who were broke when they started The toughest part of starting a business is to figure out how to

What’s the difference between Accounting and Finance

As you grow your business you will need advisor for your money management. The question here is, should you hire

8 Benefits of Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced accounting services have become a great option for small as well as the large companies these days, but are

Which are different types of entities?

Starting new business can be exiting and at times scary. It is time to take big decisions that may have

Depreciation of Assets

Do you love that new car smell? Who doesn’t? You reach all  exited to your  car dealer, have some “Pooja”,

FIFO vs LIFO inventory systems

A big part of accounting revolves around the wonderful world of tax compliances and regulatory bodies that work in conjunction

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Jitesh Karia

Jitesh Karia

Had a very good experience. Very cooperative people. Gives perfect solution to my every single problem which rises due to current scenario. Thank you Ofin Legal for all your support over the years.

Bimal Parekh

Bimal Parekh

I have engaged with the promoters of Ofin across their multiple startups for more than 10 years. I am amazed by their ability to continuously identify critical need gaps in the traditional markets and evolve solutions that address the same, effectively leveraging both cutting edge tech and latest innovations The resultant services have been always above par and dependable.

Shubham Bapna
Managing Director / Suprstart Ventures LLP

Shubham Bapna

Mr. Sagar and his team at Ofin Legal are very well equipped with Knowledge and Experience. This is the only place where you can get all your Accounting and Compliance work done at ease. Would recommend to others as well 💯

Vijay Khubchandani

We found our right partner for accounting, compliances and taxation in OFIN Legal Private Limited, under the able leadership of Sagar Ruparelia. If you’re a startup founder or SME business, who wants to focus on sales, marketing or development of your products and outsource the hassles of accounting to an experienced firm run by senior industry professionals and veterans, then you need to get in touch with OFIN.

Pravin S. Patil

Pravin Patil

I had engaged Ofin Legal for business compliances. They gave me excellent and timely services for my compliance. You can rely on Ofin team for all your Accounting and Compliances and concentrate on your sales and marketing. They will never let you down.