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Startup Services 

Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company is a voluntary association of 2 or more and not exceeding 50 members, whose liability is limited. We can incorporate your Private Limited Company within seven days.

Limited Liability Partnership

LLP is a combination of Partnership and Pvt Ltd. It has lesser compliances like Partnership and Limited Liability like Pvt. Ltd. We can incorporate your Limited Liability Partnership within seven days.

Trademark Registration

Trademark protects brand/logo of your business. You can register brand/logo, word or tagline as Trademark. We can apply your trademark within a day.

Tax Registrations & Licenses 

GST Registration

GST Registration is mandatory for businesses having turnover above Rs. 40 lacs. Threshold for service industry is Rs. 20 lacs. Get your GST Registration within five days.

ISO Certification

ISO is helpful to organizations asking how to improve quality of their product & services and constantly meet customer expectation. Get your ISO certification within two days.

Importer Exporter Code

Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is required by businesses who are in export or import of goods or services. It is a ten character code. Get your IEC within a day.

Corporate Compliance 

Company Annual Filings

A Company is required to file its Annual Accounts and Annual Returns within 30 days and 60 days from the date of conclusion of AGM respectively. We can help you to file your Annual Returns with the ROC.

LLP Annual Filings

A Limited Liability Partnership is required to file Form 11 and Form 8 on or before 30th May and 30th October respectively. We can help you to file your LLP Annual Returns with the ROC.

Company Annual Contract

Besides Annual Returns, Companies are also required to maintain minutes of meeting and different registers We can help you to maintain your Annual Compliances

Jitesh Karia

Jitesh Karia

Had a very good experience. Very cooperative people. Gives perfect solution to my every single problem which rises due to current scenario. Thank you Ofin Legal for all your support over the years.

Bimal Parekh

Bimal Parekh

I have engaged with the promoters of Ofin across their multiple startups for more than 10 years. I am amazed by their ability to continuously identify critical need gaps in the traditional markets and evolve solutions that address the same, effectively leveraging both cutting edge tech and latest innovations The resultant services have been always above par and dependable.

Shubham Bapna
Managing Director / Suprstart Ventures LLP

Shubham Bapna

Mr. Sagar and his team at Ofin Legal are very well equipped with Knowledge and Experience. This is the only place where you can get all your Accounting and Compliance work done at ease. Would recommend to others as well 💯

Vijay Khubchandani

We found our right partner for accounting, compliances and taxation in OFIN Legal Private Limited, under the able leadership of Sagar Ruparelia. If you’re a startup founder or SME business, who wants to focus on sales, marketing or development of your products and outsource the hassles of accounting to an experienced firm run by senior industry professionals and veterans, then you need to get in touch with OFIN.

Pravin S. Patil

Pravin Patil

I had engaged Ofin Legal for business compliances. They gave me excellent and timely services for my compliance. You can rely on Ofin team for all your Accounting and Compliances and concentrate on your sales and marketing. They will never let you down.